Process: Some key moments were when I realized I had no audio for the first interview. Another was when I was allowed more time to finish my video since it was no where near done. One more was when I had to present and I realized I wasn’t going to finish in time. Oh plus the moment my computer crashed and I freaked out about all my lost data, but thank god for engineer roommates.

Feedback: For the feedback on the video I presented in class, I feel the feedback was justified and better than expected. One important feedback was not to downplay the video so much that people will think it’s shit cause it’s not. It’s important to feel confident in whatever you’re presenting, and I agree with that to a certain point unless I know I’m not proud of my video. I noticed my classmates’ work all seemed unique and full of passion and effort.

Self-reflection: I learned that I am a lazy procrastinator/horrible time-management person who needs to get his shit together for the next year and beyond because it’s not working. I usually work my ass off near the due date, but don’t put in half as much effort beforehand.  I know I can create good videos, I just need to actually work on them a few days before due date.

Future: I can see this video shown before people who enjoy big-budget movie spectacles or visual effects hogs or fans of movies in general who want meaning for their favorite movies. My video could contribute to a conversation on the existence of big-budget films usually reserved for the summer and winter times and meant for mass audiences.

Final Question: One question they didn’t ask is do I share the same views as the interviewee.



Reflection: I feel slightly confident now since some of my footage worked but the whole interview was recorded. I learned to double check all of the equipment to make sure everything’s working properly because my audio apparently didn’t record during my first interview. A nice surprise was I could interview my person again after the first interview didn’t have any sound. If I were to do the interview again, I would bring another camera to capture a different angle.

What I Have: 

Keep (rest is kill)

  • interview
  • b-roll
  • movie trailers

What I Can Say: I can say why I believe big-budget movies are more than just money-makers. My original idea still stands as the idea I wish to use.

Reshoots: The interview is the only thing I need to reshoot.

Evolution: My project has evolved from not knowing what to do to a video about big-budget to a video about why big-budget movies are what they are.

Timeline: I need time and b-roll to in order to assemble a rough cut.

Writing Warm Up 4/29/14

Modern art, I don’t give a rats ass about honestly. Sure it can be sophisticated, carry heavy meaning, and appear to covey some message about an abstract though or idea, but I don’t really care to stare at some painting, statue, or an urinal for more than five minutes. I just don’t see the point. Now a picture of let’s say an explosion would be considered modern art to me. An explosion’s bombastic, colorful, and can come in many different shapes and sizes. The picture below represents a great example of an explosion; it’s bright red, orange, and yellow, protrudes out in a circular-like shape, and affects everything around it. Explosions are art to me.

Production Module 3

Authorship: I will act as the unseen, unheard camera interviewer from behind the camera. I’ll interview in a classic fashion with camera beside me as I sit down with the interviewee and ask her questions regarding my topic. I think interviews and maybe my own narration would best help convey my message.

Content: I need to include the basis of a big-budget movie, examples of those type of movies, and the main appeal of them. Some background information the audience would need to know are the type of films I discussing and my love for films maybe.


  • medium shot during interview
  • pans
  • long shots
  • long take
  • close ups
  • tripod for interview

Anxieties and Obstacles: Problems could be timing, ill-worded questions during the interview, or participation from the interviewee. Also some shots might not look the best or I might not be able to capture some shots.

Pre-Production Module 3

Topic: I’m interested in big-budget spectacle films and how they appeal to mass audiences around the world. This interest could turn into a video project finding out how and why blockbuster movies are so large in scope and appeal. I like the idea since I love the big-budge summer blockbusters or epic films. Since I like these type of films, I wish to pursue the idea of these type of films and their draw towards viewers.

Characters: I envision a professor of film to be interviewed, maybe more film aficionados who love these spectacle films and can explain why they love them so. One in particular is Professor Turnock. She has expert knowledge in spectacle movies and special effects besides being a cinema studies professor, so any comment from her would help explain my topic. Others could be theater owners and film club members.

Locations: An office for interviewing the professor would work or movie theaters if there is time to plan it out.  I would need a microphone, camera, and tripod to conduct the interview though.


  • movie theater
  • people watching movies in dark
  • clips from summer blockbusters or epic films
  • famous people from films
  • audience in a movie theater

Take-away: My message is that big-budget tentpole films are produced for a reason, and there is a major draw from them that allows the films generates hundreds of millions of dollars in their theatrical runs. I want the audience to understand the idea of big films and appreciate their existence even though they might not be the audience’s favorite type of films.

Writing Warm Up 4/22/2014

imagine a world without computers, smartphones, any sort of the technology you use daily to entertain yourself. what would you do with your day? how would your rituals or routines change? would it be difficult for you?

I would definitely spend more time outside and interacting with more people than I normally do (which is a lot already). My routines would go differently mainly by no music while studying or doing homework. I wouldn’t be able to play videogames anymore nor look up social media which is just a minor inconvenience. My normal routine would stay just about the same actually. I workout without music, I only check social media while waiting for something, and I could live with more physical activities. No movies would be a big hit to me though since my life revolves around movies, so I would probably change major and life goals. It would be very difficult to live without technology since I’m a big gamer and have a passion for film. Thank goodness I can still eat food though; I would definitely die if no technology meant no food.

Writing Warm Up 4/15/14

One time I would have loved to document would be the Fourth of July fireworks at Lake Sara in Effingham, Illinois. At nighttime all the boats travel to the open waters of the man-made lake and sit idly as giant fireworks light up the sky with a multitude of colors and patterns. Especially near the end the grand finale erupts with all the remaining fireworks lighting off and lighting up everyone and everything as the thunderous boom echos across the lake. It’s a pretty cool site to see.

Advertising Exercise

One item I recently bought was a Lexar 16GB CompactFlash memory card. I bought it because I needed a larger storage capacity compact flash memory card for the DSLR cameras provided from the A&D building. 4GB wasn’t cutting it in terms of how quick it took to fill up the card. The ad does resonate with my own personal aesthetic since the card appears black and gold in a professional manner with graphics that imply quality. I guess the way the product is marketed appeals to my beliefs in that I needed a compact flash memory card, and this was a higher quality card that wasn’t too expensive but had enough space to film for long periods of time.

Another item I bought was a movie ticket to go see Captain America: The Winter Soldier. I chose to buy the ticket because I wanted to go see the film. The ads from trailers and posters indicated a visually pleasing movie full of action with potential for a entertaining story, of which I enjoy in films very much. The film was marketed in a way that definitely appealed to my beliefs in that I think big-budget, action spectacles are some of the best blockbuster movies around for the summer. I also very much enjoy summer blockbuster films to the point I wish do direct a few in the future.

One more item I bought last night was a fat sandwich from Fat Sandwich. I bought it because I was hungry at 2am last night. The online menu appears satisfactory to my personal tastes since the colors do represent U of I orange and blue colors. The images from Google water my mouth, but there aren’t really any true advertisements for Fat Sandwich Company. That might the case since there’s only one in Champaign, IL and one in Chicago, IL I believe. The way product is marketed (via word of mouth) appeals to my beliefs in that word of mouth shows true customer appreciation for the product and indicates quality if people give the product high praise.

Writing Warm Up 4/10/14

I would take on the role of a mediator since I always want everyone to be happy or else I’m not happy. I mention my preference but honestly I’d be fine with anything because I enjoy all pizza toppings, even anchovies. Mainly though, I’d listen to other peoples’ arguments for their choices and settle anyone down if he or she gets too rowdy. I even acted as a peer mediator for my middle school, so I’m pretty comfortable mediating arguments. To get to a conclusion, I make sure everyone is satisfied with the choice, provided there would probably be some compromises. If it would help, we’d probably get a few pizzas with toppings on each half so everyone is completely happy.