100 Questions

  1. Who am I?
  2. What is the meaning of life?
  3. How did the beginning of everything begin?
  4. What do I want to get out of life?
  5. How can I bring out fun in everything I do?
  6. What is most important to me?
  7. What can I do for the greater good?
  8. Will I ever find the one?
  9. Have I lost my work ethic?
  10. Will I grow any taller?
  11. Am I done with puberty?
  12. Will I ever become successful?
  13. What can I do to help my parents?
  14. Am I becoming an alcoholic?
  15. Will I ever lose (most) of my stomach fat?
  16. How can I become a film director?
  17. Will I make any enemies in life?
  18. Will I ever gain a 6 pack?
  19. Am I truly creative in originality?
  20. What am I truly afraid of?
  21. How can I legitimately live in LA?
  22. Can I actually budget my time?
  23. Why am I not attracted to Asians?
  24. Will I ever grow up?
  25. Will I eventually lose interest in gaming?
  26. Can I live with piles of debt?
  27.  Will I keep in touch with old friends forever?
  28. Will I return home besides holidays?
  29. Can I keep up with an intense schedule?
  30. Will I fight in a war?
  31. Do I actually forget things or am I just lazy?
  32. Will I ever become a well-known name?
  33. Can I help change the world?
  34. Will I ever feel responsible enough to own a pet?
  35. Can I control hunger while being independent?
  36. Will I ever head a company or corp?
  37. Can I actually fight if need be?
  38. Can I murder if forced to?
  39. Will I choose greater good or personal preference first?
  40. Will I ever learn stick shift?
  41. Can I accept who I am?
  42. Will I retire on a farm?
  43. Can I surpass my director idols?
  44. Will the end be like an apocalypse?
  45. Is death enjoyable?
  46. Will I ever attend E3?
  47. Will I ever retain a country accent?
  48. Will Naruto Shippuden anime ever end?
  49. Will I ever win an oscar?
  50. Will I ever marry and have kids?
  51. Who are my true inspirations?
  52. How far will I go for family and friends?
  53. Do I take on more than I can handle?
  54. How do I express myself?
  55. Do I really get out of control sometimes?
  56. Is my love for war and battle unhealthy?
  57. How can one man change history
  58. Am I very self-conscience of myself?
  59. Am I afraid to die?
  60. Why do I live the way I do?
  61. How can music be so moving to me?
  62. How can humans suspend disbelief?
  63. Why is stupid humor so amusing?
  64. Can there be happiness as single forever?
  65. Do I appreciate my Asian heritage?
  66. Can I actually choose to save one over myself?
  67. Can misinterpretation be a good thing?
  68. Why do organisms have emotions?
  69. Will going to movie theaters lose great popularity?
  70. Why did we have to become tired throughout the day?
  71. Do people wish for another life?
  72. Will flying cars ever become viable?
  73. Will I one day turn evil?
  74. Will there ever come world peace?
  75. Is there life outside Earth?
  76. Does wealth and power really matter?
  77. How are horror films so sadistically interesting?
  78. Does keeping busy help increase personal productivity?
  79. Can I be happy with nothing?
  80. Does schooling actually help in life?
  81. Is it better to be ore independent at a younger age?
  82. Is there such things as magic or is it just science?
  83. Are motion sensors an holograms the way of the future?
  84. Are videogames art?
  85. Will videogames ever become a viable source for films?
  86. Are souls still alive after death?
  87. Can there be a second life after death?
  88. What belief is correct about life?
  89. Will apocaplyptic fantasies ever happen?
  90. Can explosions be an art form?
  91. Is entertaining helping the world?
  92. Can there be happiness without friends?
  93. Why is the human body so complex?
  94. Can there be beauty in death?
  95. Why do people have morals and sensibility?
  96. Is too much thinking a bad thing?
  97. Can alligators be domesticated?
  98. How smart can animals be to humans?
  99. Is cursing really that bad?
  100. Can directors/actors be successful without the guilds?

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