Interface Design

Based on the 5 websites I visit regularly (3 of which are gaming websites), I conclude that an effective website needs to be accessible, eye-catching, and substantial. For example,, a gaming and entertainment website, uses a very accessible layout with subheadings leading to different topics of interest below the main home title while showing off gaming news in big headlining picture links on the home page. The websites provides numerous access points to specific topics like each current gaming console, movies, tech, comics, and reviews. There’s always a home button ready if one gets lost into the many sections of the website, and the links are easy to follow and well-placed. The colors of the website also blend pleasantly together, giving a complementary visual to the breaking news stories on the homepage. My blog page needs to emulate this balance of ease-of-use, visual balance, and quality in the number of different areas to access. I have a long way to go.


One thought on “Interface Design

  1. Ha! Your last lined killed me. I had just pulled up your blog to see the Rock and his trademark phrase emblazoned across the top, and was about to leave you some puzzled feedback. Good reflection on other sites though, just keep working on translating that to this blog, as I’m sure you are planning to do. I would argue it does matter what I think, but I’m just the one with the gradebook!

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