Fears About Noun, Verb, Adjective Exercise

My fears about the exercise derive from the inability to actually think of a genuine idea for the video. I don’t have a concrete idea from the start, so thinking of flowing 30 second videos that act as a sentence structure might be a little tricky. The video clips I take should suffice, but I don’t know if the clips are of high enough quality to present to others. Coming with a background in filmmaking and a love for creating videos, I scrutinize my work much to the point of perfectionism. For this exercise, though, the clips shouldn’t matter too much in terms of lighting, focus, angle, or other filmmaking techniques as long as the clips clearly express a noun, verb, or adjective.

The adjective portion, though, might be difficult since it’s kind of broad in term of applying an adjective to a subject. For example, I could capture a video of a guy running along the street as a verb, but I caught a close up on his face or a detailed view of his body motions. The extra detail to his action could count as an adjective as in the grinning guy or the pale guy was running. The clip could then serve as an adjective or a verb, thus complicating which clips I should splice together or emit. Besides those concerns, I feel pretty good about the project. I just hope I don’t film too mundane subjects or events. Oh, the snow storm might also distract me from my creative process, just saying.


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