Project Pre-Production

Topic: I’m interested in the night life of front desk clerks at residence halls during the late hours of the night. This interest could translate into a documentary detailing one front desk clerk’s various activities during the night around 2-5am. It’s interesting to me because I always wondered what happens during late nights in regards to the front desk clerks.

Characters: I envision a student working the front desk at late night to be the main protagonist. Just someone from a residence hall like Allen Hall who works from 12am to 6am or something like that will be the interviewed and documented. I hope to include a variety of people who stay up during the wee hours of the night or coming back from going out.

Locations: The location would mainly involve the front desk area since the documentary is mostly about the life of a late night residence hall front desk clerk. I might need permission to film front desk clerks and a shotgun microphone, but the complications shouldn’t get in the way too much.



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