Authorship: I will be the observer within the video utilizing direct cinema for majority of the shooting. Though, I will ask questions while filming, so I will interact with the subject as she moves around. I think a combination of observing and interacting with the subject will help convey my message of how front desk people pass the time during the late hours of the night.

Content: I want to include who the subject is and what she does for her late night job. Some background information the audience will need is what the job actually is about, otherwise that’s about it. General conversations and questions regarding the job will definitely get the information I need. I just need to convey the different things the subject does to pass the night.


  • close ups of face
  • medium shots of subject
  • long shots/establishing shots of environment
  • B-roll shots of environment, random people still up by pans and tilts
  • zoom ins while shooting to give a documentary feel

Anxieties and Obstacles: Some problems I might run into is the subject might not be very amicable and interesting as a subject or nothing really happens during late night shift for front desk clerks.


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