Reflection: I am very satisfied with footage gained from filming.  I learned the subject being shot can make or break the experience. Fortunately I had a wonderful subject who was very interesting and informative while all the time entertaining to watch. I was surprised on how much content I actually shot during the late hours of the night. If I could do it again, I’d probably do the exact same thing, only maybe more long shots.

What Do You Have?: I made the two lists of keep and kill material.

What Can You Say?: I thought of 3 different edits.

Reshoots: I don’t think I need anything else for the documentary. I’m pretty satisfied with the results of the first shoot.

Evolution: My project has evolved on changing its main focus, but otherwise has kept the same environment and time. There were some surprises in the form of the subject and her late night antics, which were very amusing. I completely improvised the interview to create a more natural feel to the documentary in terms of direct cinema. I basically interviewed the subject, and then pursued B-roll of the environment and of her acting out her duties and what not.

Timeline: I need to mix in B-roll with A-roll to finally get a rough rough cut of the documentary.



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