Writing Warm Up 3/20/14

My biggest fear is of spiders. I absolutely hate them; I think they’re repulsive, ugly, and horrible creatures. It’s just they’re so hairy and disgusting, ugh. Tarantulas are the worst though, without a doubt. I can kill the smaller spiders like the size of your thumb or smaller, but I ain’t going near a tarantula unless I’m going to use a gun, bat, sword, or any large weapon that won’t have me actually touch the thing. I will use anything in my reach to kill large spiders, because they’re just nasty. Spiders equal the scum of the earth, even though they admittedly help regulate the population of flies and other insects. Screw circle of life, I’ll still kill spiders if I can. Daddy long legs are cool though; I’ve come to respect them even though they’re still straight up ugly.


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