Process: Some key moments in the process were looking through all of the footage and figuring out how to organize such a large amount of footage. Also the fact that my subject was very amicable and interesting the whole night filming really gave me confidence in my video. The choice to film in a shaky camera, direct cinema style was inspired by the documentary film Catfish, which we viewed in class. I felt confident in combining the footage to the final product it is now.

Feedback: I feel mixed on the feedback since I feel I should have conveyed the inspiration of the video from the documentary Catfish more than just showing the video and explaining later. I did agree with comments about the pacing and less shakiness to the camera, along with audio issues. I noticed some clips from others were much smoother due probably to the use of a tripod, which I chose not to utilize. Some documentaries were well-made and beautifully shot though.

Self-reflection: I learned that my style of filming revolves around handheld shooting techniques. I enjoy filming in-the-moment shots instead of tripod shots. Also I found out I improvise a lot during filming, especially for this kind of interview video I created.

Future: I think people who reside at university dorm housing would be interested, along with housing officials, and people who enjoy documentaries in general. I can imagine screening this video at a local student film festival, though with a few edits to the video of course. My video could start conversations regarding shooting style and documentaries by being seen by persons interested in this video and film in general.

Final Question: One important question would be how did I organize and prepare for the interview since I kind of improvised the whole thing without any sort of visual or written prompt, on purpose of course. The reason was to keep the authentic feel to the interview as more of a documentary with questions regarding the job. I wanted to make video an organic video with less formal manners and more of a laid back manner to help ease in the audience to the video.



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