Advertising Exercise

One item I recently bought was a Lexar 16GB CompactFlash memory card. I bought it because I needed a larger storage capacity compact flash memory card for the DSLR cameras provided from the A&D building. 4GB wasn’t cutting it in terms of how quick it took to fill up the card. The ad does resonate with my own personal aesthetic since the card appears black and gold in a professional manner with graphics that imply quality. I guess the way the product is marketed appeals to my beliefs in that I needed a compact flash memory card, and this was a higher quality card that wasn’t too expensive but had enough space to film for long periods of time.

Another item I bought was a movie ticket to go see Captain America: The Winter Soldier. I chose to buy the ticket because I wanted to go see the film. The ads from trailers and posters indicated a visually pleasing movie full of action with potential for a entertaining story, of which I enjoy in films very much. The film was marketed in a way that definitely appealed to my beliefs in that I think big-budget, action spectacles are some of the best blockbuster movies around for the summer. I also very much enjoy summer blockbuster films to the point I wish do direct a few in the future.

One more item I bought last night was a fat sandwich from Fat Sandwich. I bought it because I was hungry at 2am last night. The online menu appears satisfactory to my personal tastes since the colors do represent U of I orange and blue colors. The images from Google water my mouth, but there aren’t really any true advertisements for Fat Sandwich Company. That might the case since there’s only one in Champaign, IL and one in Chicago, IL I believe. The way product is marketed (via word of mouth) appeals to my beliefs in that word of mouth shows true customer appreciation for the product and indicates quality if people give the product high praise.


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