Writing Warm Up 4/22/2014

imagine a world without computers, smartphones, any sort of the technology you use daily to entertain yourself. what would you do with your day? how would your rituals or routines change? would it be difficult for you?

I would definitely spend more time outside and interacting with more people than I normally do (which is a lot already). My routines would go differently mainly by no music while studying or doing homework. I wouldn’t be able to play videogames anymore nor look up social media which is just a minor inconvenience. My normal routine would stay just about the same actually. I workout without music, I only check social media while waiting for something, and I could live with more physical activities. No movies would be a big hit to me though since my life revolves around movies, so I would probably change major and life goals. It would be very difficult to live without technology since I’m a big gamer and have a passion for film. Thank goodness I can still eat food though; I would definitely¬†die if no technology meant no food.


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