Pre-Production Module 3

Topic: I’m interested in big-budget spectacle films and how they appeal to mass audiences around the world. This interest could turn into a video project finding out how and why blockbuster movies are so large in scope and appeal. I like the idea since I love the big-budge summer blockbusters or epic films. Since I like these type of films, I wish to pursue the idea of these type of films and their draw towards viewers.

Characters: I envision a professor of film to be interviewed, maybe more film aficionados who love these spectacle films and can explain why they love them so. One in particular is Professor Turnock. She has expert knowledge in spectacle movies and special effects besides being a cinema studies professor, so any comment from her would help explain my topic. Others could be theater owners and film club members.

Locations: An office for interviewing the professor would work or movie theaters if there is time to plan it out.  I would need a microphone, camera, and tripod to conduct the interview though.


  • movie theater
  • people watching movies in dark
  • clips from summer blockbusters or epic films
  • famous people from films
  • audience in a movie theater

Take-away: My message is that big-budget tentpole films are produced for a reason, and there is a major draw from them that allows the films generates hundreds of millions of dollars in their theatrical runs. I want the audience to understand the idea of big films and appreciate their existence even though they might not be the audience’s favorite type of films.


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