Production Module 3

Authorship: I will act as the unseen, unheard camera interviewer from behind the camera. I’ll interview in a classic fashion with camera beside me as I sit down with the interviewee and ask her questions regarding my topic. I think interviews and maybe my own narration would best help convey my message.

Content: I need to include the basis of a big-budget movie, examples of those type of movies, and the main appeal of them. Some background information the audience would need to know are the type of films I discussing and my love for films maybe.


  • medium shot during interview
  • pans
  • long shots
  • long take
  • close ups
  • tripod for interview

Anxieties and Obstacles: Problems could be timing, ill-worded questions during the interview, or participation from the interviewee. Also some shots might not look the best or I might not be able to capture some shots.


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