Reflection: I feel slightly confident now since some of my footage worked but the whole interview was recorded. I learned to double check all of the equipment to make sure everything’s working properly because my audio apparently didn’t record during my first interview. A nice surprise was I could interview my person again after the first interview didn’t have any sound. If I were to do the interview again, I would bring another camera to capture a different angle.

What I Have: 

Keep (rest is kill)

  • interview
  • b-roll
  • movie trailers

What I Can Say: I can say why I believe big-budget movies are more than just money-makers. My original idea still stands as the idea I wish to use.

Reshoots: The interview is the only thing I need to reshoot.

Evolution: My project has evolved from not knowing what to do to a video about big-budget to a video about why big-budget movies are what they are.

Timeline: I need time and b-roll to in order to assemble a rough cut.


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