Process: Some key moments were when I realized I had no audio for the first interview. Another was when I was allowed more time to finish my video since it was no where near done. One more was when I had to present and I realized I wasn’t going to finish in time. Oh plus the moment my computer crashed and I freaked out about all my lost data, but thank god for engineer roommates.

Feedback: For the feedback on the video I presented in class, I feel the feedback was justified and better than expected. One important feedback was not to downplay the video so much that people will think it’s shit cause it’s not. It’s important to feel confident in whatever you’re presenting, and I agree with that to a certain point unless I know I’m not proud of my video. I noticed my classmates’ work all seemed unique and full of passion and effort.

Self-reflection: I learned that I am a lazy procrastinator/horrible time-management person who needs to get his shit together for the next year and beyond because it’s not working. I usually work my ass off near the due date, but don’t put in half as much effort beforehand.  I know I can create good videos, I just need to actually work on them a few days before due date.

Future: I can see this video shown before people who enjoy big-budget movie spectacles or visual effects hogs or fans of movies in general who want meaning for their favorite movies. My video could contribute to a conversation on the existence of big-budget films usually reserved for the summer and winter times and meant for mass audiences.

Final Question: One question they didn’t ask is do I share the same views as the interviewee.


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